I was unsure about therapy but actually it was quite transformative for me - George helped me stop for a moment and see the constant stream of unhelpful thoughts I've been having whilst at home - just noticing that I've been having these negative thoughts was quite a relief and this support is helping me take a step back from these when I'm feeling anxious.
~ Neil


I called George for counselling today; I am 40 weeks pregnant and feeling unsettled about the uncertainty around birth and the impact Coronavirus will have on my birth plans.
He helped me to reflect on the emotions that I am feeling and supported me whilst I identified the aspects of the preparation that I am concerned about.
I have a tendency to think of the bigger picture and play down my problems, especially in the current situation where so many others are suffering worse than me. At the start of the call it took me a while to be able to articulate how I was feeling as I have been trying to remain positive and not complain. He agreed it is important to keep perspective, but it was also very helpful to have my concerns acknowledged and to recognise that it is frustrating to deal with things that are out of my control.
Throughout the call I felt listened to, supported and it has helped me to process the challenges that I am currently facing.
I feel calmer and reassured, having acknowledged my feelings and emotions, and George was able to facilitate this process during the call due to his understanding and reflective approach to the counselling.
~ Lisa

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